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Disrupt your industry through innovation

Disrupt your industry through innovation

December 14, 2018

Experience the best of Italian Design and learn in 6 Days how to leverage innovation thinking to generate breakthroughs. Italy is the renowned cradle of creativity and the source of many iconic inventions. Become inspired by the top Italian designers and learn how to leverage these concepts into new growth opportunities during one of the most important event worldwide: Milan Design Week. 04-09.04.2019

-Ideal for innovation professionals, design experts, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and business leaders, design managers, marketing managers, innovation managers and anyone with a curious mind.
- In a few days, you will exchange the experience of speakers at the highest level.
- You will have an interaction with the participants during the workshops. You can learn from the experience of important entrepreneurs during the visits to their design companies.
- You will understand in detail the complex world of design in the guided tour through the events of the Milan Design Week.
- On a guided tour you can admire the beauty of unique places in the world such as the villas of the Como Lake.
- During the evening meetings, you will be accompanied in the visit to some special exhibitions in design museums and cultural centers.

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The Award-winning hospital cart

The Award-winning hospital cart

November 10, 2018

MM Design wins the Museu da Casa Brasileira Award.

In the elegant setting of the Museu da Casa Brasileira MCB, the award ceremony of the 32nd edition of the MCB Award was held, dedicated to various categories.

Among these, the trolley designed by MM Design for the Brazilian company Lanco, specialized in hospital equipment.

An innovative trolley concept that fully complies with specifications, it is easy to handle, easy to sanitize and made with rotational molding technology, which reduces production and assembly costs, eliminating the internal metal structure.

The possibility of being able to be modulated and customizable for the services of the various hospital departments to which it is dedicated, allows it a great advantage on the carts of the competitors, as well as being made in various colors.

The awards ceremony took place in São Paulo on 10th  November in the presence of hundreds of authority, designers, entrepreneurs and journalists.

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Galaxy Body Armour: the protection that transpires

Galaxy Body Armour: the protection that transpires

November 07, 2018

The latest creation of MM Design for Acerbis was presented at the international fair EICMA in Milan.

It is nature that inspires us and from which we can learn. Thin filaments that interweave together create a light and resistant structure. The archetype of protection. In the design of Galaxy Body Armour (Protection Second Skin) are also other very important aspects such as lightness and breathability. A research on materials was necessary to identify particularly innovative materials for performance and lightness, so that protection can be worn in an extremely natural way.

To improve the wearability and the possibility of leaving the biker’s freedom of movement, Galaxy has been designed divided into many sectors in such a way as to become extremely flexible. Every detail has been taken care of in the smallest details to guarantee the best wearability possible based on the percentiles and therefore creating a single but adaptable size.

Galaxy is thus preparing to become a new approach to protection that does not necessarily have to be hidden under a piece of clothing, leaves the biker in total freedom of movement and guarantees maximum breathability. To this we add that it protects it in case of falls or accidental blows.

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… and the winner is

… and the winner is

October 31, 2018

The Japan Institute of Design Promotion is since 1957 the organizer of the Good Design Award, one of the most important design award worldwide. Almost 5,000 participating products coming from well 25 Countries submitted to the careful examination of the international jury that selected the best products of 2018. Among these, with great pride, N. 2 products come out from the creative minds of MM Design that for Gitzo, a leading brand in the photography industry, has designed two unique objects of their kind. 

Arsene Gitzhoven is a special edition of tripod created on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Gitzo: 1917 pieces in which we have combined unique materials and craftsmanship;

Minitraveler is a table tripod where we have assembled all the main functions in a single block, thus making the product extremely compact and light thanks to the use of carbon fiber.

In both cases the attention to detail and to the photographer during their use, have allowed us to create in collaboration with R&D of Gitzo two products that represent the level of quality and innovation of the Gitzo brand. The award ceremony took place in the prestigious Grand Hotel Grand Hyatt in Tokyo on October 31st.

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Mini Traveler at Photokina 2018

Mini Traveler at Photokina 2018

September 26, 2018

The world’s most compact and lightweight professional table tripod. 

The 2018 edition of Photokina, the most important international exhibition dedicated to the world of photography, has just ended. Among the many expected innovations, the visitors talked a lot about the new Mini Traveler, designed by MM Design for the premium brand Gitzo. The Gitzo Mini Traveler is especially dedicated to professional photographers and promising amateurs who use mirrorless cameras or DSLR cameras with small lenses.

Some of the highlights of the new tripod design were compactness, lightness and stability. Thanks the use of carbon fiber and particulary solutions for the movement of legs and head, Mini Traveler is the world’s most compact and lightweight professional table tripod. The legs with rubber feet, feature a pull-and-fix system that allows for two different leg angles for each leg.

One of the design elements that most characterizes Mini Traveler is the solution adopted for fixing the head: there’s a detachable ball head with no visible ball or pan locks. Instead, a gear lock found at the bottom of the head is used to control all movements. Each detail of the Mini Traveler revolves around lightweight and high-quality materials, with accurate assembling and fine manual control. An excellent example of a mix of industrial production and craftsmanship.


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MM Design at the Fair in Nuremberg, Germany

MM Design at the Fair in Nuremberg, Germany

September 10, 2018

Some of the latest projects from the MM Design creative laboratory are now on display at the Nuremberg International Fair for the next months. A show case of excellence to present MM Design and its approach to industrial design in consumer goods related with people or in investment goods related with operators. In 27 years of activity and thanks of more than 200 successful projects in several sectors, MM Design is one of the most creative design companies in Europe. The initiative is carried out in collaboration with Bayern Design.

Hospital Design

Hospital Design

May 25, 2018

Design is increasingly becoming a focal design element for operators of those settings involved in healthcare for people. These are the premises on which the new trolley for the administration of drugs was conceived for the Lanco Company of Boituva, Brazil.

 One of the first aspects was the reduction of volumes typical of hospital trolleys. This allows for greater user-friendliness of the trolley itself in its transfer from one room to another. The handles and their position were studied under the ergonomic profile of trolley movements.

The work counter is extremely easy to clean and is built with an additive that makes it antibacterial. In the lower part a rubbery bumper zone softens the accidental bumps against edges and doors, avoiding damages to the hospital structure and safeguarding the integrity of the trolley itself. Handles and drawer surfaces are made of material that is soft and pleasant to touch.

The innovative design of the Lanco trolley was studied furthermore to use a rotational technology which allows the construction of the frameless trolley, making it easier to produce and assemble at contained costs. The trolley was conceived in a modular manner for greater versatility for many types of use in the various therapeutic wards.

The official presentation of the new trolley at the trade fair was a great success for the public and operators.

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INTERFERENCES, Milan Design Week 2018

INTERFERENCES, Milan Design Week 2018

May 07, 2018

We thank all who participated in the INTERFERENCES, it was an interdisciplinary comparison held by SIGNO and MM Design at the Milan Design Week. They were rich, inspiring evenings full of ideas with a fruitful confrontation between very different figures, united in their desire for new perspectives.

Psychologist Ugo Morelli with And Yet It Creates spoke about the aesthetic experience, he explained saturation as a great obstacle to creativity. With Green Intelligence Alessandro Pozzi, agronomist, presented the natural world and its extraordinary opportunities. Their root system is a formidable network of connections, metaphor of twine knowledges. Beauty is the star in The Rule of Art of photographer Corrado Piccoli, a succession of stunning pictures of in the historic centre of Treviso and of Tobia Scarpa’s work for Benetton Foundation in the restoration of the Church of S. Teonisto. Virginio Briatore, philosopher of design and observer of contemporary languages, talked about the beauty of hospitality. In the age of technology and unstoppable migrations, We Are (still) Guests on this Earth. New Connectivity could be a response to the incredible speed of change which we are exposed explained Massimo Andriolo, an expert in innovation strategies, talking about technological, social, political and economic changes.

INTERFERENCES were pleasant moments of relaxation with good music and toasts to creativity and beauty, including those not yet discovered! A special thank to our friends who have honored us as speakers. Thanks to who worked for the success of our Milan Design Week.

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