Our design studio Milan combines the excitement and energy of the city and our partners to create megatrends, moodboards and trend scenarios useful for the presentation of new projects.

In our studio we meet our international clients and organize workshops for companies that want to explore more closely the world of design, thanks to the valuable contribution of our partners from the world of sociology, economics and technology.

For the launch of new products we make available client company structure and we carry out story-tellingmeetings with area managers and sales to tell the story of the new design product and its topics.

Via San Calimero, 13 Milano MI I-20122 +39 02 58324743
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The Milan studio is located in the city center and is easily accessible by car and public transport.

Parking: Piazza Cardinal Ferrari Metro M3 Crocetta
Linate airport is 30 minutes away and Malpensa airport is 1 hour away.

Maria Elisabetta Ripamonti


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Milano, a pioneering city

Creative capital of fashion and luxury, Milan is a cutting-edge city, very active from an economic and cultural point of view, a reality to be discovered to know its treasures hidden among poetic glimpses, buildings in Art Nouveau style and small architectural gems ranging from Gothic to Romanesque style, scattered in its beautiful and ancient historic center.

Milan is the city of design universally recognized and where trends happen before the rest of the world.