The story of MM Design

MM Design is an industrial design studio founded in 1991 for product design and engineering, investing heavily in research and innovation. In addition, to having a strong aesthetic element, good product design must be able to improve performance and make the product unique and original.

The studio immediately had international clientele in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Over the years the studio has grown and thanks to its reputation and skills it has managed to establish itself in international markets, such as Brazil, the United States, Taiwan and recently Singapore.

Our vocation to combine humanistic and technological aspects in every new design product is based on the typical tradition of Italian design, where experimentation and research are summarized in the unique and iconic product.

With this original approach we face projects and challenges all over the world.

In our industrial design portfolio you will find more than 200 successful design products.

Office in Sao Paulo2013
Office in Milano2017
Office in Singapore2021

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