Global Thinking, Italian Design

Our extended team: the strength of an international network.

In addition to the skills and professionalism of our team who tackle innovation projects in a unique way, MM Design collaborates with experts from various sectors. This network of professionals (with whom the studio has collaborated for more than twenty years in the development of design products) is what allows us to carry out high level innovation projects in industrial design. From materials and technology experts, to sociologists, philosophers and influencers, MM Design seeks diverse knowledge of the market and trends. For several years now, the company has also been collaborating with neuroscientists who, thanks to their sophisticated tools, are able to identify areas that produce stress in the user and from which our design must strive  to improve.

This combination of humanistic and scientific knowledge characterizes our studio, incorporating it in a global market while still connecting us to our Italian Design roots.

Global Thinking, Italian Design

Our extended team. The strength of an international network.

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