At our design agency in Bolzano, our team is composed of industrial designers and design engineers who create and bring to life national and international projects.

After our initial brainstorming phase, our team focuses on finding a winning solution so that the user can find a better solution in the new product and thus create a new experience.

The material archive is a great resource for the studio in Bolzano and is continuously updated to be available to our customers and very useful in the design engineering services.

Via Priv. Dodiciville, 8D Priv. Zwölfmalgreiner Str. 8D Bolzano/Bozen BZ I-39100 +39 0471 080010
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The Bolzano-Bozen studio is located in the city center and is easily accessible by car and public transport.

Parking: Via Privata Dodicville.
Train Milan-Munich

Silvia Largura


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Creative minds, working for you

Located at the foot of the Dolomites, a world heritage site and protected by UNESCO, Bolzano-Bozen is a unique city of its kind.

The two faces of Bolzano-Bozen, one North European and the other more Mediterranean, are a perfect combination of the historical and artistic beauty of the city and the culture of its inhabitants.

For centuries Bolzano has been the privileged center for trade between Italy and Germany.

Today the capital of South Tyrol is a cosmopolitan city that knows how to be lively, cheerful, modern and elegant at the same time.