Strategic Design

Essential aspects of strategic design include: analysis of the market and its continuous changes, exploration of new scenarios in which to create a new product design, analysis of competitors and their portfolios, comparative analysis, and suitable positioning of the new portfolio. This way, a new product must be able to generate its own unique and original design language capable of transmitting the brand’s values, from which a new corporate design can be applied to future products, reinforcing the concept of portfolio and brand.

Design Thinking

Within a forest of similar products, a company must stand out in order to have an innovative brand image. MM Design uses Design Thinking as a strategic design approach, utilizing methods and tools capable of analyzing the dynamics of the different markets and the competitor’s positions with respect to the new product.

New possibilities

As skills and business potentials flourish, product analysis and overall know-how sprouts, making it possible to imagine new products capable of opening the doors to a new market, while increasing turnover and brand recognition. This is truly a design process to open up new methods and new markets.