We can help you to renew your product range with a specific modernisation project that makes correct use of materials, colours, and finishes. When it comes to designing a new product, we suggest the right materials and processes for your production division, with costs that are compatible with your investments and the quantities forecast by your business.

We provide you with a database and a rich Collection of materials with a wide range of examples. Since we work together with lots of businesses in different sectors, we are able to bring about knowledge transfers between different environments, which leads to innovation at fundamental levels.


Whilst in the past materials had to conform to many technical requisites, today they are evermore part of the experience of the user and of the innovation process of products. We aim to research materials and finishes which are both highly performative technically and sensorially adept.


Thanks to our 30-year experience and a consolidated network of suppliers we are able to offer tailor-made materials and processes on the basis of your needs and in function of the number of pieces that are to be produced. In certain cases, we can also experiment with new materials and ideal combinations between them.