New Field of Play

The Covid-19 effect has been sudden and disruptive to our lives and ways of doing things. Immediately it was as if we were in another time, a limbo where everything seemed paralyzed except for the exponentially growing virus. As after every great worldwide difficulty, there were those who were capable of quickly adjusting to the situation, while others remained struck in disbelief. It was a design thinking challenge on a large scale: responses and solutions had to be modified quickly, as the boundary conditions changed.

MM Design, after reorganizing and adopting a smart-working model at its offices in Milan first and then Bolzano and carrying forward its ongoing projects, deemed it important and useful to place its creativity and strategic approach to products at the disposal of its clients. Several online workshops were developed for various industrial sectors, in which MM Design proposed new ideas for different projects relating to products and markets particularly affected in the post Covid-19 phases.

Creativity has made it possible to find new fields of play for various companies from the catering sector to the machine tools industry, as well as consumer goods. MM Design proposed brainstorming sessions with company managers and these discussions proved extremely fruitful and full of new ideas.

Coming months will see new products capable of satisfying new demands be produced, allowing companies to get back into the game by using their wealth of skills and organizational structures in different fields: new fields of play!

EuroBLECH Digital Innovation Summit 2020

Successful launch of innovative meeting platform for the international sheet metal working industry. Digital Event provided plenty of webinar content, network

Disruptive Design. Break the mold.
NOI Techpark BZ 20.07.2020

Good design thrives on visions and metaphors that allow us to break into new ground.

The Gitzo 3-way head wins the IF Award
Hannover 26.05.2020

New and important recognition of MM Design's creativity.

One step ahead
Bolzano/Bozen 04.05.2020

We are coming out of a difficult, unforeseen period that we were not ready for but we quickly adapted to the changing circumstances in our lives. Is it only

MM Design wins the GoodDesign Award for Bertazzoni
Chicago, Illinois 20.04.2020

The Chicago Athenaeum announces the best new designs for consumer products, graphics and packaging around the world.

Brasil 23.03.2020

One of the challenges that faced MM Design studio when tasked with designing a new trash can for the Brazilian company Tramontina was that of creating an

SIGEP: an opportunity to be grasped for AL VOLO.
Rimini, Italy 20.02.2020

Bolzano/Bozen 15.11.2019

In 1991 MM Design was born and specializes in product design. Since then it has designed products in various sectors of industrial production, collaborating

MM Design, like 4 Aces in Poker
Milano 10.10.2019

Four new products will be presented at the Host Fair in Milan, the most important world exhibition of restaurants.

Red dot to MiniTraveler Gitzo
Essen, Germany 08.07.2019

The new MiniTraveler collects Gitzo technology in the use of carbon fiber and has an absolute novelty.We have created a new integrated head device: In fact,