Bolzano/Bozen 15.11.2019


In 1991 MM Design was created, specializing in product design. Since then it has designed products in various sectors of industrial production, collaborating with international companies. It was among the first design studios in Italy to develop product development phases internally.

Currently MM Design has changed its image.

In this phase of renewal the identity of the studio, a strategic consultant for innovation, remains the same, with continuous sensitivity to a changing world and enthusiasm for environmentally conscious solutions, essential to each MM Design project.

The company’s new pictogram is a bud, a symbol of life and creativity. The design, selected after a  long phase of research and analysis, takes shape as a metaphor of value:  from its  deep roots, it will  blossom into the light. The chosen color is a “Klein Blue,” a symbol of energy.

GLOBAL THINKING connotates our actions and bears witness to our presence in the world, which is why we decided to present our new image in Singapore, on November 15th at the prestigious National Design Center. From this date, our new image and new website have become official.

ITALIAN DESIGN speaks to the close link between humanistic and technological culture, which has always been in our DNA (together with experimentation). From this, we are capable of boldly identifying brilliant solutions. We believe in ITALIAN DESIGN understood as true beauty, not superficial style; design capable of expressing emotions which bloom into profound value for a company.

The bud becomes a flower and, therefore, bears fruit.

The IFDesign 2024 Once Again Honors Italian Design

MM Design secures two more IF Design Awards in the 2024 edition, one for UX/UI and one for product, thanks to the collaboration with the business unit of the

Gold for all-Italian design and innovation.
Lubiana 02.11.2023

In the impressive setting of the Kazina Palace in Ljubljana, the Grand Prix award ceremony took place during Design Month from 5 October to 5 November 2023.

New success story for Palbox and MM Design

From about 11,000 applications in 56 countries, Ivy won the renowed iF Award. The award ceremony took place in the suggesting setting of the Arena

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Futuro? Futuri! 2023
MM Design Milano 09.02.2023

At the beginning of the new year, we talked about people and scenarios to project a point of view for the future. We presented the third volume of Megatrends

Waiting for 2023!

2023: a new year to build success stories together. MM Design's creative Team takes a few days off to regenerate and to be ready for the new challenges of

Ma Joie: make love, not war

The famous Magic Wand stimulator (one of the first of its kind developed in the 1970s from Hitachi Laboratories), was created in a clinical setting to

Etico Ethical Award to LISA
ADI Design Museum, Milano 10.11.2022

The ‘Etico’ Ethical Award was awarded to the LISA project, based on the assessment of high ethical value and attention to the world of the elderly. In fac

S1 P4, The new Corporate Design for Salvagnini

Many companies are currently adopting solutions to reduce CO2 emissions by investing in automation in order to limit material waste.

Equilibrium, Wash the air you breath

The possibility of choosing what kind of air to breathe has become all the more crucial after the pandemic. It’s from this need that the idea of a different