Bolzano/Bozen 04.05.2020

One step ahead

We are coming out of a difficult, unforeseen period that we were not ready for but we quickly adapted to the changing circumstances in our lives.

Is it only a problem? No, it’s an opportunity too. Yes, if we are able to envisage the new scenarios that are about to emerge, intercept the needs and different habits.

MM Design organising brainstorming sessions with our customers so that together we can visualise a new field of play. Some industries will in fact see a part of their current markets eroded, which is why we are helping companies to envisage new opportunities for new scenarios.

If you would like us to envision together what the new scenarios could look like and which products or services may be better suited to people’s new future needs and are interested in taking part in these workshops, write to us at:


Silvia Largura, Administration

or by phone T +39 0471 080010

Mo-Fr 8:30AM - 12:30AM


We will be happy to be able to envisage a new journey into the future together.

The new Vulcano E30 pruning shears for Stocker
Bolzano/Bozen 27.05.2021

These electric shears, in addition to precisely cutting and enabling the pruning of branches with a diameter of up to 30 mm, save a great deal of effort and

Royal Flush for MM Design
Germany 23.04.2021

The Design Studio won 5 IF Awards in the 2021 edition !

Kitchen Innovation Award USA for Compact Pro Eloma
USA 31.03.2021

The National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show® has named the 2021 Kitchen Innovations® Award Recipients. This year this prestigious award

Megatrends Volume 2
Bolzano/Milano 03.02.2021

How can we understand today what design will be appropriate tomorrow and what strategies will be successful in dealing with future challenges?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We will be closed for Christmas Holidays from Dec 21st to Jan 8th 2021.

EuroBLECH Digital Innovation Summit 2020

Successful launch of innovative meeting platform for the international sheet metal working industry. Digital Event provided plenty of webinar content, network

Disruptive Design. Break the mold.
NOI Techpark BZ 20.07.2020

Good design thrives on visions and metaphors that allow us to break into new ground.

New Field of Play

How design shifts point of view to create innovation.

The Gitzo 3-way head wins the IF Award
Hannover 26.05.2020

New and important recognition of MM Design's creativity.

MM Design wins the GoodDesign Award for Bertazzoni
Chicago, Illinois 20.04.2020

The Chicago Athenaeum announces the best new designs for consumer products, graphics and packaging around the world.