Ma Joie: make love, not war

The famous Magic Wand stimulator (one of the first of its kind developed in the 1970s from Hitachi Laboratories), was created in a clinical setting to relieve pain and muscle contractures. Shortly after, it became an object of pleasure and sexual liberation during the feminist movement. Since then, with FemTech, a universe of objects have been developed which are intended for the pleasure of singles or couples. Attention towards the female universe and its expectations has radically changed the meaning and use of many objects in the market in recent years, revisiting them in terms of shapes, functions in the careful choice of materials and colours. Elegant and refined objects with high-design content are created for an experience of pleasure dedicated to women.

With these assumptions and great sensitivity, the designers of MM Design have designed for Ma Joie, a startup created from the initiative of two young entrepreneurs based between Paris and Berlin. The designers addressed the above-mentioned themes by focusing attention on the pleasure of the user experience by improving the formal result in terms of both usability and pleasantness. Stimulators have been designed for both internal and external use and, thanks to a sophisticated internal magnetic bayonet mechanism, can be used with an undergarment that favors their use.

The chosen material is a special silicone suitable for contact with intimate parts of the body. Furthermore, to promote a high level of pleasure, the surface has been treated with a special process in such a way so as to be comparable to the softness of silk. Thanks to their chosen bright colours, the objects convey a sense of fun and playfulness.

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