Milan 31.01.2022

NFT Artists: The New Frontiers of Art

New technologies that are the expression of artificial intelligence are also revolutionizing the world of art.

Crypto art, referring to digitized physical works or to the creation of digital works from scratch, represents a new frontier for Italy as well. The process uses blockchain systems and confers an authentic right of ownership for those who decide to purchase the work. The content becomes, to be precise, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), which means a digital certificate of authenticity designed to guarantee its originality. The goal is, in fact, to distinguish the digital work from its respective copies and reproductions. This is important because the transactions take place on a real, digital market in which exchanges are regulated through digital currency.

In Rome, Global Art Exhibition and CulturaItalia recently organized an exhibition at Palazzo Merulana with the aim of increasing the Italian NFT community. The same exhibition on crypto art was held at the Museo della Permanente in Milan last November with projections of various NFT artists on display.

In short, digital market artists are successfully presenting themselves in one of the world’s richest cultural countries: Italy!


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Maria Elisabetta Ripamonti


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