Milan 09.06.2021


The opening of the ADI Design Museum at the heart of Milan is a real pride for our country, and it is an outstanding space where the history of the prestigious Italian award “Compasso D’Oro” is presented.

The prize was established in 1954, thanks to a brilliant idea of Gio Ponti initially set up within the shopping center La Rinascente. Compasso D’oro is now one of the most important examples of contemporary design, recognized by Italian Sovraintendenza as a good of extraordinary artistic and historical interest.

Over the last century the space, that is now dedicated to the museum, hosted the tram depot first and then Enel plant (Italian energy provider), being a real example of urban renovation, and representing the perfect mix between Italian creativity, illuminated entrepreneurship and craftsmanship.  

The visitor is guided through a journey, which begins right after the second post war period with the iconic products that still represent the highlights of Made in Italy and that will affect future trends all over the world.

This new cultural space located in the Compasso d’Oro square is open to the city and to the future. In such an abnormal period that we are currently living, this opening brings new energy and it represents a great occasion for the Italian restart. The same passion, pragmatism and geniality which allowed Italy to overcome wars, crises and difficult moments will also allow Italy to overcome the ongoing situation.

Design and Italian firms have in their DNA a natural refinement, perfection and elegance which are recognized worldwide.

The museum wants to emphasize the future and it is a picture of the evolution of geniality, a site where new ideas and solutions may come to life.

A place waiting for someone who is ready to write new pages of history.

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Maria Elisabetta Ripamonti


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