Taiwan Design Expo 2021 “City as Home“

24 Dec.2021 – 2 Jan.2022, Chiayi City.

With the theme "City as Home," Chiayi City will host the Taiwan Design Expo 2021.

The city to home is like home to family. The diverse personalities of the family numbers at home, same as a city contains various people and buildings. With "City as Home", reshape a city with a sense of belonging, revive the spirit of the post station, give full play to the sincere hospitality of the host, and deeply explore, create, and reproduce the meaning of “Home”. Everyone who arrives can be satisfied and become a family number who comes/returns home with joy.

Chiayi City is a 300 years-old city full of energy and well known as a wood city for its wood industry during the early period. The Taiwan Design Expo converted the city into an exhibition space, inviting visitors to explore the town and the 3 main exhibition venues. In addition, several surprises were created/designed in various corners of the city to attract visitors into the small alleys in the historic downtown area and wander through those alleys. The visitors experience the fantastic things of the city, stimulate local consumption, and bring life back to the place. 

The Expo aims to initiate city management through design thinking and design concept. Together with the local government, local enterprises apply sustainable design concepts/strategies to aesthetics, branding, packaging, promotion, and field activities. It fully demonstrates the design energy that is unique to the local industries.

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