Singapore 10.11.2021

SIDAS is the new accreditation system for interior designers

Quality, reliability and certified expertise in interior design. These are the underlying principles of "SIDAS" - acronym for Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Scheme – introduced in Singapore on 19th, November. The system aims to regulate the interior design sector throughout the country, in the attempt to avoid bad practice and frauds. According to data reported by the President of CASE - the Consumer Association of Singapore - last year 745 complaints were logged against design companies and manufacturers, especially during the renovation phases.

In this context, SIDAS is a powerful tool for consumers, who will be able to consciously assess and compare professionals according to certain objective criteria. With the aim of creating a standard in the definition of Interior Designer, the scheme is based on 3 levels of qualification: the ID1 level requires a degree in interior design or interior architecture, as well as 24 months of experience in the sector; ID2 requires a diploma in the field and 18 months of work experience. Finally, the ID3 level requires a national certificate in the design of spaces and 12 months of previous experience. Starting from 2022, the classification into skill and experience levels will open up numerous opportunities for designers too, encouraged to adopt a long-life learning approach and self-assess their existing career path.

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