Future & Design

Future & Design

On the occasion of FUTURE? FUTURES! 2023, MM Design (based on the format dedicated to people, new perspectives, and scenarios) casts its gaze on the FUTURE, indeed, on different FUTURES. There were three special guests.

Katia Da Ros, Vice-President of Irinox, with whom MM Design collaborates, brought her experience as an entrepreneur striving not only for profit, but also for people and the planet. Paolo Denti of Oversonic, with whom MM Design worked for the launch of Robee, explained how the field of cognitive robotics is at the service of humankind. Francesco Morace anticipated the 2023 Future Concept Lab workshop: "Four Worlds Be Happy.”

From the meeting, many ideas were conceived with a confident look to the future through three scenarios: Internet of the Senses, Well-being, and Context.

Scenario 1: Internet of senses

From the Ericsson Research survey, most of the interviewees foresee the total fusion between physical and digital reality. For 54% of people using augmented reality glasses, merely thinking about something would enable it to appear on their screens.

For 40%, it will be possible to communicate with the mind. 70% of people imagine headsets that translate languages using our voices, while 44% are convinced that there will be devices capable of perceiving virtual tastes and scents.

Scenario 2: Wellbeing

The holistic wellness market, estimated at $1.5 trillion, is growing at an annual rate of 5 to 10 percent. In the medical field, the AI market is valued at $20.65 billion in 2023, while the healthcare sector will rise from 7.5 to 9 billion. The market for "personalized" medicine will grow by 7 percent. The Global Home Fitness market will reach $17.3 billion by 2030, while the Virtual Fitness Market will be $38.2 billion.

For a healthy diet, vegetables and other greens will be produced at home with efficient and sustainable systems, while at the same time, people will pay increasingly more attention to the labels of the products purchased. The Global Food Tech sector in 2027 will be close to $342 billion. In 2030, the US market for plant-based products to replace meat will be worth $85 billion. In 2039, the market for meat from conventional sources will be 40%. 3D printers will prepare food by reducing waste and limiting intolerances and allergies.

Scenario 3: Context

The value of AI in reducing waste is estimated at $127 trillion in 2023. The GLOBAL AGRITECH MARKET from 2021 to 2030 will go from 19 to 46 billion. For social sustainability, a pillar of sustainable development, investments of $823 billion are expected. Environmental Social Governance will be close to $30 trillion by 2030. The world of work will focus on automation, robots, and AI.

77% of workers think they do not have adequate skills for the future; therefore, the E-Learning market will approach $457 billion by 2030. Technology will play a fundamental role, but design has the task of humanizing it and making it more accessible within an inclusive design model.

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