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Colours, materials, and finishes convey deeper value than merely that of just tactile or visual perception, since they are connected to desirability, customization possibilities, performance, and sustainability. The right combination of these guarantees the success of a product. By confronting consumers who are increasingly looking for sensations and emotions, companies are investing in research and conforming to new trends such as sustainability, nanotechnology, lightness, and smart materials.

The market for new materials will be close to $2.2 billion in 2026. Many traditional materials will be "revisited" on a nanometric scale and will acquire new features and different properties. An example is the depolymerized Econyl (regenerated nylon) capable of reducing CO2 emissions by 90% and the impact on global warming by 80%. Research aims to integrate multiple functions in a single material to simultaneously satisfy different needs.

Sustainability is the New Color Trend

In addition to having an impact on the psyche, colours play a role in controlling environmental quality and the micro-climate. An analysis by the World Global Style Network highlights how research will take an interest in colour, making sustainable technologies more accessible by 2026.

The Future Finds Inspiration in Nature

The future looks towards biotechnology, nanotechnology, and A.I., while also taking inspiration from nature. For example, cobwebs are being studied to replicate their elasticity in the construction field, which will help withstand strong stressors.

In keeping with the policy of sustainability, Advanced Growing stands out, which are materials obtained from the controlled cultivation of organisms, such as the K Rhaeticus bacterium which has given life to a material stronger than steel. Research and development of technologies stimulate interactions between different sectors, and from which, intelligent materials are born, which are reactive to external stimuli and applicable in different sectors.

Investing in Multi-disciplinary Approaches

In this epochal change, design feeds on all possible contaminations and, as a pioneer, it is capable of experimenting by always facing new challenges. Achievements obtained in the scientific and technological fields move into the field of design via new concepts and languages which are translated into sectors beyond those for which they were conceived. Sensory experiences and interactive devices will be a part of everyday life and the designer will not only be increasingly aware of the value of each material, but will transmit its value to the consumer.

Colours and materials change the aesthetics of the product or even change the product itself, permitting customization in a variety of ways. Design, in close connection with science, technology, and aesthetics, can give life to new, future scenarios thanks to continuous updating in a world where processes are also constantly evolving.

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