Holiday and Design

Holiday and Design

In the last two years we have experienced many changes. Above all, our way of traveling has changed. We traveled for work or for tourism, to meet people or to treat ourselves to a much-needed break from our routines, all while discovering new cultures surrounded by breathtaking views.

Suddenly, with the pandemic, everything changed. The air transport industry lost over $118 billion in 2020. One of the biggest collapses was evident in international flights, which saw an annual reduction of over 80%. Italy recorded a decrease of 72.5%, with peak decreases of over 90%.

However, the desire to leave has not been lacking. European-wide research on the propensity to travel highlights how 76% of respondents said they had booked, or wanted to book, a trip in 2021. This trend has also been confirmed in Italy, where 3 out of 4 Italians say they are ready to travel as soon as possible to make up for lost time. People are willing to move around even if they have to change their habits.

Local Tourism

One of the new trends concerns the interest in local tourism. About half of Europeans want to travel within their country next year. Only 21% hope to be able to go abroad by the end of 2021. Favorite destinations are nearby, preferably reachable by car. Among those considering travel in the next three months, 50% expressed a preference for a seaside resort or a small town where it is easier to maintain social distance. Searches for "chalets for rent" increased by 100% globally, followed by the rediscovery of farmhouse accommodation.

Living Van life

Closely linked to this new trend is the rediscovery of boat and motorhome travel. The increase in the demand to safely experience the sea on a boat, while sharing it with family and friends only, drove to a significant increase in yacht sales in 2021, exceeding the past 3 years.

“Nearby RV rental” searches grew by 200% worldwide, compared to the same period last year. The passion for off-roading developed even before the pandemic and, today, is still one of the main reasons for embarking on a journey in search of uncontaminated nature, away from city congestion.

Another motivation for choosing a trip in a camper is to be able to experience remote working better. 74% of people dream of being able to work from a converted van, wherein they could take advantage of the pleasures of van life. In fact, more and more young people between the ages of 30 and 40 are buying converted vans. These are real vans which are transformed into homes, complete with all the creature comforts needed. In this context, knowing how to choose the correct components plays a fundamental role in creating a safe and comfortable mobile accommodation, one which ideally is also equipped with air conditioning.

New trend in travelling

Staycations have been identified among various new scenarios referring to holidays. These are real holidays spent in a hotel, but in the same city of one’s residence (or just in a neighboring area).

Another discomfort encountered in recent months, in fact, is that of being forced to share small domestic spaces to work. The Worktation has been created in response to these new needs. It is not a real vacation, but an escape to make the most of remote working.

Design has been able to grasp the changes brought about by Covid and, from early on, it was able to pay particular attention and provide examples of successful projects within the world of holidays and travel.

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