The MM Design process

Phase 1

Strategic design

Thanks to more than twenty years of experience and the possibility to cover diverse sectors of industrial design, Strategic Design has become the company’s innovation partner. After analyzing together all the various corporate functions and the company’s product portfolio, we offer the company’s managers some brainstorming sessions with the aim of pinpointing new ideas for new usage settings, and therefore, new products. Various Design Thinking techniques are used to allow the company’s many departments to dialog with one another in order to create product templates in view of their positioning in the market.

Phase 2


The creative members of the team collaborate with the network of experts (anthropologists, ergonomists, sociologists, informatics and processing and materials engineers) undertaking research studies to be able to trace as faithfully as possible, the profile of the setting in which the new products will be launched, and which will later have to be produced. By observing, on one hand, the new trends and changes in society’s way of life, and on the other hand, the new technologies and new materials, our team then draws a map of new scenarios within which the new products will be placed, in a highly innovative manner.

Phase 3


With the gathering of information and analysis of new scenarios, the project team carries out brainstorming sessions during which all the possible solutions for the new product are explored. The sketches and first ergonomic, functional and practical concepts are laid forth, and all the possible solutions for the new product are studied. These are then focused on and discussed before the production and presentation of the first design solutions.

Phase 4

Design definition

The proposal that is retained to be the most suitable for the final user and for the market, is further perfected with the choice of materials, colors, surfaces and textures. In our laboratory, the models are produced in various materials so as to verify sizes and proportions.

Phase 5


Our Studio avails of a team of high-profile engineers for the technical-engineering development of the new products. According to the types of technical and material solutions preferred, our engineers work closely with one another to translate into design a product which has the best feasibility characteristics for production and assembly, and a cost-effectiveness that corresponds to the number of pieces to be produced. Assistance by prototyping and after by production of the “0” Serie.