Professional, Modern and Heritage Line
The new line of fitted ovens

Professional, Modern and Heritage Line

The new line of fitted ovens

Year 2018
Customer Bertazzoni
Category Household & Kitchen

A complex project given that on the oven’s platform itself at least three different esthetics were developed to address different targets.

The first line which most reflects the Bertazzoni style is the Professional line, conceived exclusively in stainless steel and with particularly enriching details like handles and knobs in steel.

The second line was defined as Modern and addresses a public that does not like compromises. In this case the correct use of materials such as glass and iron processed with particular oxidation treatments, make this product one-of-a-kind.

To conclude, the Heritage line that drew inspiration from the historical products of the company that was established towards the end of the 19th century and whose products inspired the shapes and décor trims. In particular, the study focused on details and research was conducted on the surfaces and colors to match the trims, handles and knobs.

A great combination of industrial production and manual interventions that create value by paying attention to details, colors and surfaces which make each oven unique.

This second MM Design will increasingly be the differentiating factor of the companies that make of the Made in Italy label their front-runner and reference point for products to be exported.

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