Easytherm, the evolution in the industrial field

Easytherm, the evolution in the industrial field

April 18, 2019

A new design approach for an industrial product

In the world of industrial technical equipment, the function often takes priority over the design of the product. Aquatech, a division of the leadergroup Piovan pays attention to all the products even if destined to the world of industrial molding, favoring materials and solutions that in addition to being functional are strongly recognizable and expression of the brand.

The thermoregulator is usually positioned on the press edge and its function is to regulate the thermal cycle of the molding. The challenge was to make it a functional, practical and attentive product for users' needs.

In paying attention to its function, MM Design facing the design of this product has taken care of other aspects, such as the perfect visibility of its control panel positioning it in an inclined and therefore ideal for reading some important data that the operator must have control. Another very important aspect that is often forgotten is the possibility of being able to move it from one press to another. This of course by means of wheels, but the insertion of a handle greatly improves the ergonomics during transport. This handle disappears inside when it is not in use.

The design of Easytherm won the IF Award in 2019.