By integrating business functions in the start-up phase of a new project, more points of view are fruitful in creating a new design product. MM Design incorporates multiple studies and analysis within the company and all its meetings to examine the most important aspects of a new product in detail. This includes the product’s relationship within its applicable market, its impact on the improvement of  the production cycle,  its subsequent  reduction in  production and assembly costs, the logistics related to its distribution, and the appropriate  communication of the product on the market.

 All this while respecting its corporate design and philosophy and promoting an even stronger overall product.


With an objective towards fully understanding the market’s direction in the next few years,  MM Design has structured an analysis method connected with global databases to  demonstrate macrotrends, both in qualitative and quantitative terms. These extremely  useful future forecasts assist in the understanding of consumer trends and in the design thinking process.


At the end of the project phase, MM Design encourages participation by the client and the managers responsible for selling the newly designed product to better communicate  the value-making journey, allowing for a thoroughly convincing dialogue about the  business proposal and negotiation with the end customer.