Spaces have always been essential places to live and work, especially those dedicated to the optimal presentation of new products and corporate brands. MM Design is structured to offer its clients an architecture and interior design service which can best enhance a company, its human resources and its products.

Seeing as everything is strongly linked to the logic of corporate identity, corporate design thus reinforces a brand's values ​​and its philosophy.

Great attention to spaces and to the relationship they create with the people who live and work in them is paramount to MM Design’s objective for developing architecture and design which highlights the people who proudly want to be part of a team and a company.

Concept Store

Points of sale are becoming increasingly important in the narration of a new product. Our team of architects design these stores by focusing the attention of the potential customer on the most salient aspects of the product and the brand.

Our design is focused on the paths people will take within the space, the overall image conveyed by the brand, and the value of the product displayed.


A company’s museum and showroom are increasingly becoming a fundamental aspect in communicating the history of the product and the brand. Their narration conveys he company's attention to the many aspects of production and social development facilitated by its products.

In designing these type of spaces, MM Design focuses greatly on the choice of materials, the optimal routes of passage, the importance of light, the choice of colors, and the overall image which will have a psychological impact on the visitor.